Augmented Reality improves Customer Care : Newbiquity

The promise of augmented reality as a tool to improve customer care, remote assistance and the transfer and sharing of experiences across distance is at the base of the Newbiquity AR platform.

The enemy of remote assistance is ambiguity; which button to push, which nob to turn, which wire to cut… Newbiquity addresses this ambiguity with?augmented reality in three distinct scenarios:

Mobile to Mobile: people helping people

Call Center to Mobile: companies helping customers

Desktop (Expert) to To Wearable Device: experts sharing knowledge

The system is based on a two-way video streaming which allows the users to share the field of interest. The helper is able to drop markers onto objects in the live feed which remain “pinned” to the object even if the user moves the phone or filming device. This is achieved through proprietary computer vision software able to establish a model of the 3D space being filmed and thereby maintain the augmented reality layer positioned correctly.

Newbiquity is an early stage Augmented Reality software company seeking investors or partners interested in developing the platform further. Newbiquity has filed several key patents. For more information contact


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