Block Chain and Right of Reply: Fighting the Erosion of Trust in New Media

The level of trust in sources of information is being constantly eroded not only by the phenomenon of “Fake News” but also by the ability of false statements about individuals and institutions to “go viral” without an effective means for those cited to respond.? In a recent article the Economist examines how block chain technologies (or methodologies) can be leveraged to bolster trust by reducing ambiguity and increasing transparency.

Disrupting the Trust Business

The irony of this is that we think of social media as transparent and in some respects this is true. We are certainly more “exposed” but without unambiguous identification, these media can be easily manipulated to create a false sense of transparency or even truth.

Right of Reply and its latest spin-out Reply on Credit Check are designed to re?stablish trust in new media by reducing the ambiguity of sources and allowing responses to by the persons or institutions to be “weighted” and positioned by the fact that they are cited.

Right of Reply is a Social Impact technology company which provides easy to use reputation management tools to ensure anyone’s ability to counter unfair, inaccurate or incomplete reporting by putting the other side of the case with identical positioning and prominence as the original article, credit report or internet post and personal identity


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