Early Stage Biotech and Medical Technologies need to find the right partners, the right pitch and the right development plan

Starting up, spinning out, spinning off.  Every entrepreneur knows that the first steps can be the most challenging. Likewise in the highly competitive, expensive and regulated markets of Biotechnology and Medical Technology. Fundraising for Biotech and Medtech is challenging. Brick42, together with partners in the US and Europe, helps early stage companies or projects move from Proof-of-Concept to establishment, development and beyond.

Because investors are flooded with possibilities, we help tune your pitch to the right investors for your project. We match their expectations and expertise with yours to foster long term commitment .

Innovators often focus on the most powerful application of their technology. As a result they can loose sight of the (treacherous) steps needed to get there. Brick42 guides the Design and implementation of the most direct and efficient clinical and regulatory development pathways. Brick 42 connects projects with investors and tunes development to the real world to improve the chances of success.